27 January 2012

Year 2, Day 27 (Looks Like Another Re-Start)

Lou and I left from West Memphis, AR today at just past noon. When we loaded yesterday, I informed the broker that we would not be able to make the appointment (0800 in Searcy, AR) on time, but that I would call again later when I could give an accurate ETA. When I called again at 0200, I told the brokerage that we could get there by 1430 this afternoon. I called again this morning before we left to make sure everything was still good. The word from the representative was to head on in, and the customer would take us but we would be a work-in.

When we arrived, not only did the customer not take us, but the crew that did the unloading was gone for the day. Obviously we were misinformed by the broker (sometimes that's almost expected). We are at the terminal in North Little Rock, AR where we dropped the loaded trailer, and I've got the truck going through the shop. After getting some things taken care of, Lou and I went to grab a bite to eat... which turned out to be Carino's. I had never been there before, but it was rather delicious. Most of all, it was quite filling.

Our next load will pick up on Sunday in Pine Bluff, AR and bound for Kansas City, KS on Monday.

It is the Sabbath... I hope you are all blessed on this day!

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