30 December 2011

Day 364 (Vacation Can't Be Over Yet?!)

Today has been yet another lazy day. Yesterday wasn't supposed to be lazy, but either allergies kicked in, or Tikvah and I started to feel the onset of a cold. therefore what we wanted to get done yesterday (working on the bathroom), was not done. We didn't work on the bathroom today because Tikvah had already made plans to go to Little Rock with her friend Helen... a "girl's day out" sort of thing.

I also went to SuddenLink to get an issue with our DVR taken care of. It took a while (to include a visit from the technician), but it's now taken care of... I hope. I'm getting some of my vinyl records converted over to my iTunes library, and at the same time I'm also proofing some dough for homemade Pita Bread, from a recipe I got from a blog post by my friend, Lauri Rottmayer. When I read that post the other day, it stuck with me. So much so, I went out and got some more flour (as I was out) so I could try it.

Pictures to come later.

Strategically placed alongside coffee.

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