14 December 2011

Day 347 (Pushing On To The Chicago Area)

I was up at 0430 this morning, in order to get the Tyson load, then on to our company terminal in North Little Rock, AR to drop Randy off. I took care of some business while I was there, not really wanting to stick around too long as this load is already going to be late... and I don't like to be late. Not only that, but I also wanted to make the best use of my time (especially since my logbook is rather scant on hours). As it is I will have to get up at around 0200 in the morning to get on the road.

Since I'm at a rest area it looks like I'll be making coffee in the morning before I head out. Tomorrow could be a long day, but I'll try to make the best out of it... when life hands you lemons, wait around a bit, then you can have what you need for a nice fruit salad.

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