10 December 2011

Day 343 (On Our Way To Wisconsin,,, Finally)

Yesterday, we (Randy and I) arrived at the customer to load (in Smithfield, VA) at 1046 (ET). Though our appointment to load wasn't until 2200, I had hoped they would load us early... they didn't. As many other truck drivers know, meat packing facilities, whether it be beef or pork (this one being the latter), are not what one could consider a "pinnacle of efficiency", and we are, basically, at their mercy. By the time we had finally gotten the trailer loaded - and waited for our paperwork to get processed/printed - it was nearly 0230 (ET) before we went to bed. Needless to say, my plan to get to Wisconsin sometime tonight and get a re-start on our logbook has officially been aborted (i.e. it's not going to happen).

We left out this morning at about 0730 (CT), and Randy got some experience driving through some of the backroads of Virginia, West Virginia, and a little of Maryland. As we travel along the Pennsylvania Turnpike, I figure we will be shutting down on the Ohio Turnpike somewhere... probably near the Cleveland area. We will be stopping tomorrow outside of Toledo to top off the fuel and get a shower... perhaps even stop at a Meijer in Indiana. All in all, it was still a pleasant Sabbath... all things considered.

There is a picture a snapped along Virginia S.R. 10 this morning, of a town that I don't think is a preferred vacation spot for many of us in the Jewish faith:

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