06 December 2011

Day 339 (Almost to Kansas, Then To Virginia)

Yesterday was less than enjoyable, at least as far as work goes. After I finished unloading in Searcy, AR, I met up with Randy at our North Little Rock. We got together, I ran him to Walmart (a place I despise) to get a few groceries, then to Starbucks (of course). We chatted a bit then made our way to Pine Bluff, AR to get our load from Tyson. Things went pretty smoothly until I scaled it out at the truck stop, about 2 miles away. The bills were showing that I was hauling just under 42,000 lbs, yet when I weighed it, I was over my legal gross weight limits (80,000).

I explained to the loader that there had to be more weight than what the bills were showing, and told him I have hauled a load that was just under 46,000 lbs - with a full tank of fuel - and was still NOT over gross. Either way, they removed a pallet, got me under the gross weight limits, and I was gone. However, due to running short on hours on my logbook, I shut down in Conway, AR... since that was the last place where I could have found a place to park.

After we fueled in Collins, MO, I had Randy take over the driving, so he can get his skills improved. The weather is getting cooler (about 25° in Collins), which is just what I've been waiting for. We've already been pre-planned to pick up our next load in Olathe, KS (the same Tyson facility this load is going to) and delivering on Friday in Sanderson, VA... wherever that is.

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