11 December 2011

Day 344 (Wisconsin... On The Final Stretch)

Last night we shut down in a service plaza on the Ohio Turnpike, about 35 miles east of Toledo (the hometown of M*A*S*H character Cpl. Klinger). I had us park there for the night because, a) there may not have been any parking places at the Flying J, and, b) the service plaza had both a Starbucks and an Einstein Bros. Bagels... which I had both for breakfast. From Einstein Bros. I ordered a Lox & Bagel:

Once we left the service plaza, Randy drove us to the Flying J to top off the fuel, and to get a shower... and to wash a few dishes I had dirtied preparing what we will have for dinner tonight. We made a stop in Merrillville, IN so I could pick up a few things (more milk being one of them) at Meijer, then finish this trip. At present, we are less than 130 miles from the customer, and Randy gets his first taste of driving through Chicago, though I don't expect it will be that bad... but tomorrow, well that's another story.

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