09 December 2011

Day 342 (Uneventful, Unproductive Day - Thank You Smithfield)

This morning Randy and I unloaded at the customer in Sandston, VA. When we arrived there last night, I discovered that not only do they not allow for overnight parking, (they had their gates locked) but once you go in, you're committed to parking on the (measly excuse for a) shoulder as there is no place to turn around... I guess that's what you expect from a facility that is government run. Once we were empty, I tried calling the broker concerning this Wisconsin load, but they hadn't come into their offices yet (They are based in Utah). Once they did, the lady told me that an appointment hadn't been set up yet (just for the record, the brokerage, England Logistics, is a subsidiary of the trucking company, C. R. England), but she would call me as soon as it was lined out.

Normally I wouldn't give my cell number to a broker, as is our company policy when dealing with brokers, but it was early... I hadn't had coffee yet... and I forget to set my iPhone to block the caller i.d. (as I said, I hadn't had coffee yet). As it turned out, the young lady called back a little later and told me the appointment was set for 2200 tonight. I went ahead and drove down there (Smithfield, VA) in the hopes of getting loaded early. I arrived at 1046 (ET) and have yet to get put in a door - it is now 1746 (ET). Whenever we do get loaded (which will be late), I think I'll just have us park here,and leave in the morning (so much for getting a re-start in Wisconsin).

That's ok... I won't be doing any driving... it's the Sabbath.

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