02 December 2011

Day 335 (A Stop At Home On My Way To Searcy, AR)

I unloaded just around lunch time in Richwood, KY. Once I finished there, I made my way to Cincinnati to pick up my next load - Morton Salt. I was pre-planned on that load, and - to be quite honest - the process took longer than it should have, due to the fact that the broker didn't have everything lined out as they should have. It all worked out pretty well, though. On my way back through Kentucky, I made a stop in Florence, not only for some Starbucks, but also to have a bowl of Matzoh Ball Soup at Izzy's (if you recall, I dedicated an entire post to them several months back... I would post the link here, but unfortunately 3G is being very slow today).

It was good to see John at Izzy's again. The last (albeit, the first) time I saw him, was when he made my Izzy's 110 Reuben - which, by the way, was enough to feed myself and 4 other people, by the time it was completely consumed.

This load isn't due for delivery until 1330 Monday, so I think I will be taking a detour and spending a little bit of time at home. As for my next student (Randy), him and I will be getting together next week. He has some business that he need to tend to on Monday, and, even though I don't like doing this, we will be together for two weeks, then I go on vacation (and he'll go home), then we will resume his training in January. More to come on that later. As Sabbath approaches, I bid you all a good evening... may you all be blessed!

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