08 December 2011

Day 341 (The Final Stretch To Virginia)

Randy and I only made it as far as Leavenworth, IN last night, which is short of where I wanted to be. The delay having been caused by having (what started out as) simple work done on the truck. As we make our way through West Virginia, I'm looking at the distance still yet to be covered and, by the way it's looking, I will have to take over the driving before too long to ensure we make it to the customer tonight. I'll probably have him pull off in the service plaza at Beckley and switch over... not to mention make a sandwich (I have some really good pastrami just waiting to be eaten), and grab some Starbucks (I foresee a grande triple Marble Mocha Machiatto in the near future).

I spoke with the broker of my next load which will be going up to Wisconsin for Monday. We both enjoyed a little chuckle when she lamented that she's waiting on another driver to call, who is picking up a load for them today, and here I am calling about a load I'm picking up tomorrow. I guess that's what helps me to stand out from other drivers: the fact that I plan ahead and take care of the details early on. It also helps to be driven by excellence.

Coffee anyone?

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