18 December 2011

Day 351 (I Now Have A Re-Start)

I am currently still in Oak Grove, KY, have just gone through my reading from Daily Dose Of Torah on this week's Torah portion. I have yet to leave, mainly because I'm feeling very relaxed (a.k.a. a bit lazy). I will be heading out a little later to finish this trip to Chattanooga, TN. Though I'm not due to deliver until tomorrow afternoon at 1300 (ET), I'll get there tonight so I don't have to endure the hassles common among the weekday traffic. Once I do get this load finished, I'll head down to Calhoun, GA to wait until Tuesday to pick up my next load. That load (which we attained through a broker) will take me to Rogers, AR to be delivered on Wednesday morning.

What will happen after that is still unknown at this juncture. I still have until The 26th before I have to be home for my vacation. I don't think we will be going anywhere for this vacation, but we will be celebrating Hanukkah... and my wife, Tikvah, will have a "to do" list waiting for me. To be quite honest, my expertise of "home improvement" is like that of Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor: once I'm done, we need a professional to fix my "home improvement". Eventually I'll get the hang of it.

I say: when all else fails - drink more coffee.

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