25 December 2011

Day 358 (It Felt nice To Sleep In; Chanukah, Day 6)

Slept in this morning until about 0900-ish. It was nice and quiet this morning, and my wife Tikvah and I were the only ones awake. Though last night we had a surprise. As I mentioned yesterday, we went over to have dinner with some friends, Brett & Helen. For the record, considering Helen had never made latkes (potato pancakes). hummus, and baklava before... she did quite well! All was delicious... to the point where even though we were full, I just wanted "one more bite". On the way home (in fact we were about 5-6 minutes from getting there), we had received a phone call from our security company that they had an alert of a security breach. Tikvah and I suspected what it may have been, so we told the security company there was no need to dispatch a call to the police. When we arrived home, our hunches were correct... our son, Sean-Patrick had come home for a visit.

It turned out to be a nice surprise.

May you all continue to have a blessed and joyous Chanukah!!

Chanukah Jewish Rock of Ages - Official Hanukkah Song (Video)

Courtesy of aish.com

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