29 December 2011

Day 363 (It's Nice To Be On Vacation)

Today has been fairly uneventful. My wife, Tikvah, and I did a little bit of running around to include talking to a Social Worker and Parole Officer (I will fill you in on that, in detail, on a later date). We went to a store in the downtown area where we live where she put a Vanity on layaway. Afterwards we grabbed a bite to eat. Nothing special nor exciting... except for the fact that our day started (and will end as well) with coffee. Although I did capture a pretty nice photo, which I know my fellow fans of The Doctor will like:

When you live in a small town - but have a big city upbringing - it may be nice at first, but then you start longing for the city again, something you're accustomed to. A small town is nice, but in this area of Arkansas, it tends to take a toll on you. I long for the city, more so for conversations that don't revolve around hunting, fishing, and NASCAR.

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