16 December 2011

Day 349 (Finally, A Rest Period)

I was up at 0200 this morning (again) to try and make some headway on this load, unsure of whether it still needed to get there today, or if it could wait until Monday. Fortunately it has been scheduled for 1300 (ET) on Monday. This is good news for me, since now I can slow down a bit... and get some rest. Getting up at 0200 is not an easy task if you're not used to it, as I am not. When I pulled out my percolator pot to brew up some coffee, it even said to me, "At this hour?! Surely you can't be serious!", to which I replied, "I am serious... and don't call me 'Shirley'!" Yes, some strange things - and conversations - happen at those early hours (and you thought inanimate objects only come to life in movies like Toy Story). I've also been given a pre-plan for next week, which picks up Tuesday in Georgia and delivers Wednesday morning in Rogers, AR; I'll be back to a little bit of hard running before my vacation starts the following week.

Since I'm now delivering Monday afternoon, I've decided to shut down in Oak Grove, KY (about 45 minutes west of Nashville, TN), get a re-start on my logbook... and enjoy a completely work-free Sabbath... a luxury I don't often get in this job. I did discover that there is a Starbucks within walking distance from here, but it looks as though it's on the Ft. Campbell Army base. At least I can enjoy the Anniversary Blend I have here on the truck, but no grande triple Marble Mocha Machiatto for me... yet.

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