12 December 2011

Day 345 (Farewell, Wisconsin... Until Next Time)

Randy and I were unloaded this morning and headed to the Pilot truck stop just a few miles away. When we arrived there, we topped off the fuel, then found a parking spot. Shortly thereafter we were dispatched. Originally we were going to pick up a load of Tootsie Rolls in Chicago, with a drop in Danville, IL, then finish off tomorrow afternoon in Memphis. While in line to get the trailer washed out at the truck wash, the load cancelled. We didn't wait too long before we were dispatched on another load. Before we left the truck stop, I (of course) made a Starbucks run.

This new load picks up in Lansing, IL, which is just on the south end of the Chicago area. It delivers tomorrow, by 1600, in Searcy, AR. We are running a little low on our hours, so I don't suspect we will be running too hard... unless we get a re-start in sometime soon. Now I don't foresee that happening yet, as I just received a pre-plan. Our next load will have us going to Russellville, AR and taking a Tyson load back up to the Chicago area.

Thus is the continuing saga of a truck driver's life...

Pass the coffee and no one will get hurt!

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