04 December 2011

Day 337 (Another Lazy Day)

Weather-wise, this has been a pretty bleak day. Considering I have spent the entire day with my family, that in itself has made the whole day brighter. After service, Tikvah made an incredible baked chicken breasts for our midday dinner... along with some of her incredible potato salad. I played some Battlefield 3 on Nathan's X-Box. Tikvah and I took a little nap (which is almost a ritual for Sundays).

Once this blog gets posted, I will then go in the kitchen and make some Pico de Gallo, which will be a nice condiment for our tortilla chips while we watch a little "tellie" (on tonight's schedule: Pan Am - since it wasn't on the past 2 weeks, it BETTER be on), and later on have more coffee with the Pineapple Upside-Down Cake, that Tikvah made earlier.

Yeah, it's going to be that kind of a chillaxin' evening!

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