20 December 2011

Day 353 (Westward Bound To Rogers On The First Night Of Chanukah)

I arrived at the customer (in Calhoun, GA) last night and loaded this morning, with product going to Rogers, AR. The trouble is I didn't get out of there until 1000 (CT) and it's due for delivery at 1000 tomorrow. Looking at the map, there were one of three ways to go. The route I chose is longer, but it's mainly interstate, whereas the other two covered some ground on U.S. highways and two-lane state roads - either way would have taken about the same amount of time. Needless to say, I'll be getting to Rogers later than 1000 tomorrow.

With sunset approaching, tonight will see the start of Chanukah. Therefore the festivities will go on for - in the words of Adam Sandler - "eight crazy nights." Naturally, no mention of Chanukah would be complete unless I added a link to Mr. Sandler's now classic (and still epically funny) "Chanukah Song" video. So for all my brothers & sisters in Judaism - Happy Hanukkah! May you all be blessed!!

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