28 December 2011

Day 362 (Just A Few Days Left Of The Year... And Vacation)

Today has been another one of those lazy days. Got up this morning, enjoyed some coffee with my wife, and basically did nothing. Last night, the meal I made turned out splendid. Everything was delicious: lamb, latkes, Israeli Salad, and of course, the Challah Bread.

It was wonderful to be home for a good portion of Hanukkah, but like all good things, it, too, must come to an end. Even though the Festival Of Lights may be over, I still have a few days left of vacation. Not to mention that last night, Tikvah had the chance to light up all the candles in all of her Hannukia menorahs. 

Tomorrow, I think our plans will be to work on the bathroom... which should be interesting, considering I am far from the handyman type. In fact, I just may post the end results here (providing I'm not too terribly embarrassed at my lack of skills).

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