23 December 2011

Day 356 (Starting Vacation Early; Chanukah, 4th Day)

This morning brought my departure from the Tyson facility in Union City, TN (sounds better than, "this morning I left from Tyson", ya think?). I performed my required load checks along the way, all the while listening to Live Frogs by Colonel Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade on my iPod. Before I made it West Memphis, AR I received a message for a deadhead order. I then called Monica, my Fleet Manager, to inquire about said order. When she answered, we exchanged the usual pleasantries before I asked her where the deadhead order was sending me (since I was unable to read the message while driving... plus it's not too safe). She told me it was sending me home. "But I still have a few more days out" I replied, to which she answered, "true, but there's no freight to haul." So basically, I'm going on vacation a couple days early.

I topped off the fuel in Russellville, AR before dropping the trailer at Tyson. Since there were no empty trailers at the Tyson facility (actually, there were no trailers - period), I was instructed to go next door and get an empty trailer from the cold storage facility. Loaded trailer dropped; hooked up to empty trailer; now I'm getting ready to scan all my paperwork in, make a stop at Starbucks in Conway (on the way home) then to home... for Sabbath, and for Chanukah!

To those who may observe: Happy Chanukah!!

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