01 December 2011

Day 334 (Going To Kentucky; A New Student)

I made the delivery in Hanover Park, IL this morning, then ended up waiting... but not for long. I did, however, get hit with a couple glitches. Originally I was to pick up in Milwaukee, WI and take that product to St. Louis, MO for tomorrow, but when I stopped for fuel (about 25-30 miles from the customer) I received a message to stay there - the load had cancelled. I waited a little while longer, then was dispatched on another load (from the same broker) which picks up in Burlington, WI (about 30 south of where I was) and delivers tomorrow in Richwood, KY... just south of Cincinnati, OH.

Yesterday I was informed that I am scheduled to pick up a new student (Randy from Marion, AR, which, as you may remember from the other day's post, is just north of West Memphis, AR). Delivering tomorrow in Richwood, KY could put a bit of a pinch on Randy's training, as it will delay my picking him up. I'll not worry about it too much, I know that HaShem has it all under control. I am hoping, though, if I do pick up Randy, that I get another load heading up to the northwest. He will then get some good mountain training... and possibly some snow training, as well.

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