21 December 2011

Day 354 (A Tyson Load To Tennessee)

I unloaded this afternoon in Rogers, AR and I am finally done with that load. I did, however, get pre-planned on another load, since I still have a few days before I go on vacation. This one picks up in Nashville, AR and is scheduled to deliver in Union City, TN at noon tomorrow, but knowing this particular Tyson facility, they won't even load me until about 2300 tonight. Therefore, once I get loaded, I'll just get a parking spot on their lot and begin my 10 hour break.

While I was in Rogers, there was another truck driver also delivering there. Him and I had gotten into a spirited discussion on religion... one that he initiated. After the first few minutes, I gathered that he was - more or less - anti-religion, and expressing his distain for the "ignorant masses", as well as their willingness to follow because it's "tradition." Though after about 20 minutes, I think I proved to him that I was rather the worthy intellectual adversary... mainly for the fact that his demeanor and attitude changed from one of bitterness to that which was more respectful - both to the dialogue at hand, and to the debater (though I would never claim to be a master of it). I hope that I proved to him that I am one of those that doesn't follow the beliefs of the status quo, but instead form my own system of beliefs based on what I have studied and not on what I have heard (or been told). I am a follower of Messiah Yeshua (Jesus The Messiah), but I don't observe, nor celebrate, Christmas & Easter.

We may run into each other again someday. When we do, I expect the discussion to be just as lively.

Happy Chanukah - Day 2!!

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