26 December 2011

Day 359 (My First Official Vacation Day; Chanukah, Day 7)

As of now, I am officially on vacation. I don't really have any special plans, nor any destination. What I do have, however, are records to convert to iTunes... a lot of records. I doubt that I'll even get half of them converted, but I'll try to get a good chunk done. We have been basically kicking back and watching tv... as a matter of fact, we are currently watching the Being Human marathon. The SyFy channel is having the marathon to gear up for the new season premier in mid-January. Tomorrow I will be making dinner for the last night of Chanukah. Dinner will consist of a nice lamb roast, latkes, and (of course) Challah bread.

On this, the 7th night of Chanukah, I want to share a video that is not only a good song, but from somebody I know personally. Bruce Burger, a.k.a. Rebbe Soul has put out some very good music, and this song is certainly good for spinning a dradle and eating gelt. Enjoy, and Happy Chanukah!!

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