01 April 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 91 (Congratulations, Redhead!)

We didn't make the delivery appointment on time today, so it was rescheduled for Monday morning, which kind of stinks, but at least Alan and I can get a restart on our logbooks. It works out well, since the Sabbath begins tonight, I'll be able to really dive into study and worship The Lord and be thankful for this downtime.

Things like this happen... it's all part of the job (you can add any other cliché that you wish, as well, here).

However, there is some rather cool news I've recently learned. Last month (I think it was last month) I was honored with the opportunity to write a guest post on another's blog. Even though I'm using Blogger more exclusively than WordPress (I'm slowing phasing that blog site out), it was a wonderful experience to write a post on The Naked Redhead's site. But the latest news is... well, you can read her latest post for yourself (and it is a great post). In the time I've dabbled with Twitter, and since I've begun blogging, I've met some truly amazing people, from all over the world (more commonly here in the U.S. and the U.K.), and Redhead is absolutely among them.

I pray you will be blessed beyond measure, TNR!

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