27 April 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 116 (Much Accomplished, Little Productivity)

I was up at 0400 (ET) for my appointment, assigned a door, and once I checked in the receiving office and the lumper service, I was told my product would take a while to unload (to which they got no argument from me, I just went back to sleep - early morning hours and I don't get along too well). Once I was unloaded, however, it was a while (several hours, in fact) before I got my next work assignment. I tried to make the best use of that time - made a payment on my credit card at a Bank Of America branch, picked up a few things from the grocery store (Meijer, NOT Walmart), and then picked up three 24 oz. 6 packs of Coca Cola from the Kroger down the street (they had it on sale. 3 for $9.00, as opposed to 3 for $12.00 at Meijer... and Walmart doesn't even carry the 24 oz. bottles).

I'm here waiting to get loaded in Sandusky, MI (way up in the "thumb" of Michigan, in the NE corner, about 55 miles east of Saginaw. This load will take me to Oklahoma City, OK on Friday, and right now, these guys are working as fast as they can to get us loaded, as their power went out earlier today (and since the product is outside, they're racing against the daylight). They are now starting on me, so I will be leaving before too long... though I won't be able to cover much ground, since I only have less than 3 hours of drive time left for the day. Thus is the life of a truck driver.

But at least I got some Starbucks today.

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