26 April 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 115 (Michigan Bound)

I picked this load up yesterday in Russellville, AR (a load of Butterball turkey) and shut down last night in Anna, IL, a small town at exit 30 off of I-57. It wasn't as far as I would have liked to get, but I schlepped around a little too long earlier in the day. I'm taking a quick break right now about 140 miles from my destination, which has a 0430 delivery time (I really don't like those early morning appointments), in order to get this post out before it get too late.

There was some pretty wicked weather last night, and apparently there is more going on right in at the yard in North Little Rock, though it's sunny with a bit of wind here where I'm at, just south of Fort Wayne. I may get some more storm weather, but, hopefully, by then I should be at my destination. One thing that can definitely lend itself to a guaranteed good night's rest is going to sleep to the sound of rain falling on the roof of the truck, while the blowing wind rocks the truck from side to side... and the truck is turned off, the therapeutic effect takes hold and won't let go - it's actually more relaxing the watching the snow fall. Then again, that's just my personal opinion, my observation.

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