13 April 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 102 (We're Back In Kansas, Toto)

I started this morning from Mt. Olive, IL, having parked outside a very quaint little restaurant called Crossroads Diner. On the outside it didn't look like much, but on the inside, it seemed as though it was snatched right out of the 50's.

In fact, it would have made for an ideal setting for a movie, had the story been written by Stephen King with the cast of Twin Peaks to star. All eerie ambiguities aside, it was a very cute place.

I set my estimated arrival time (which I had done last night) for 1600 today, which I made with 5 minutes to spare, despite the fact I had to take a detour (there was an accident on the westbound side of I-270, just before crossing the Mississippi River, with ALL lanes closed - therefore, I had to continue south into St. Louis, as opposed to west across the north end), and I hit the afternoon traffic on the south end of Kansas City (on the Kansas side). Even with those delays, I am now here in Olathe, KS. By the looks of it so far, I may have to wait until tomorrow to find out where I go next.

But all is good... I may not have Starbucks readily available, but I do have milk...

... and cheesecake.

I bless you, Adonai, my G-d (one of His many Hebrew names), for such a culinary delight!

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Tony Hammack said...

I liked thelittle bit about ambiguity.