03 April 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 93 (The Start Of A New Week)

Today is another relaxing day, but tomorrow could be hectic (it could also be fairly uneventful, too). It's showing to be about 55° here right now. It's a nice day, one that would be awesome to enjoy in California (can you tell I miss it out there?). Now that I have a restart on my logbook, I may head to Super Target and browse through the shops nearby, even get a Mocha Marble Machiatto from Starbucks.

I've always been fond of the northern states, even the north east, mainly because it's, generally, cooler. Although I have ALWAYS liked it out west much better. I was born and raised in S. Florida, but dry heat is more bearable (much more bearable) than humidity. Granted, it's more expensive to live out west - though I would like to know who it is that determines property value, and why they are making 6 figures a year to tell us that one state is more expensive to live in than others - but it's still where I would much rather be.

I wonder if my wife and I could qualify to get a loan and purchase that $49K condo in central California, then when our youngest son moves out, sell our current house and head back to Cali?

Just a thought...

... and a dream...

... a wish, even.

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