14 April 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 103 (Still In Kansas, Hopefully There's No Twisters)

I called Tyson earlier, but to no avail, since the load may not be ready until tomorrow, which works out for the better, since by the morning I will have a restart on my logbook. Today was very relaxing, just hanging out with my sister Denise (whom I haven't seen in a few years).

When I spoke to my wife, Michelle, last night, I told her I was visiting Denise, and that I may be going to IHOP (International House Of Prayer) today... which made her a little jealous, since that is the home congregation to one of our favorite Praise & Worship leaders, Misty Edwards. Denise and I went by there earlier, and I found out that at their 24 hour prayer room, Misty was going to be leading worship there from 1400-1600 (2-4 p.m.). Needless to say, I went back this afternoon, and the worship was, indeed, very deep and spiritually fulfilling. One of these days Michelle and I will have to make a trip up here so she can enter into a deep worship as I did today. I would have liked to talk to Misty Edwards afterwards, but being on a worship team myself, I understand the demands involved in ministry... but not the demands that come with the larger congregation that she's involved in - much larger congregation.

I will, however, be back to work tomorrow, making my way to Washington Courthouse, OH for Saturday afternoon (1730 ET, to be exact). On a side note: I will be absent for a few days this time next week, as it will be Passover. But there will be some excellent bloggers filling in for me during that time, and I will fill you in with the details a little later.

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