04 April 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 94 (Why Are Chicken Plants So Slow To Load?)

Our delivery was made this morning in Lenoir City, TN, then we went 7 miles up the road to the Flying J on the west end of Knoxville to send in the paperwork. Our next load picked up in Morristown, where we STILL are. This customer has us back into a door at 1515, where we have been sitting for nearly 2 1/2 hours with no movement in our trailer (no movement = not loading). Sometimes I wonder if these chicken plants book loads on chickens that are still in the growing stages. The rain has been off & on, and the skies still look, shall we say, a trifle unfriendly.

This load is bound for Joplin, MO, but still unsure if we are to route through Little Rock, AR so Alan can get his own truck. At least he is seeing this job isn't always "peaches & cream", that occasionally there's a jam thrown in.

Looking in the distance, as dusk begins to segue in, the skies look as though they are plotting a tempest for tonight... one I wouldn't particularly want to be around for.

- Another rant via BlogPress

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