08 April 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 97 (Running Solo To PA)

Alan got his truck today, and, as of this writing, is getting his information (his first dispatch) written down... he is picking up in Dexter, MO, going home for a little bit, then delivering in Russellville, AR on Monday morning. As for me, I'm waiting on another truck to arrive in our terminal and taking his load to deliver Sunday evening in Bedford, PA.

It's been a slow day, but I've gotten a few things done. By the time the other driver gets here, I will have gotten a 34 hour restart on my logbook, which will work out pretty good for me. However, by the time I get unloaded, I will, more than likely, have to wait until Monday before I get my next load assignment. It's all good... tomorrow is the Sabbath, and, though I will be driving, I will thank and bless The L-rd for all He has given me, all He has blessed me with.

I will be getting home on the 20th and spend a few days of Passover, relaxing, reenergizing. By the time I get home I will have been out 6 weeks (not something I will make a frequent practice of, as I enjoy being home with my family). However, I plan on picking up a nice lamb roast and some horseradish root before I get home.

It's been fairly warm, with a moderate breeze here in North Little Rock today... I'm missing the winter weather already. It seemed as though the temperatures weren't cool enough, long enough... then again, that's just my opinion.

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