12 April 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 101 (Back In Chicago... For Now)

Unloaded in Columbia City, IN, made a stop in Merrillville, IN (groceries and Starbucks - not necessarily in that order), then up to Lake Station, IN to send in my paperwork and get the trailer washed out, now I'm in Chicago. I
have an old friend (from my Marine Corps days) that lives in Chicago, but, unfortunately here too, I won't be around here long enough to visit with him.

As you may have noticed, I know many people in many places, may it be friends, family, or other. If I didn't have to be in Olathe, KS by 1200 tomorrow, that would give me some time here to, perhaps, grab a bite to eat with Chris (and I'm sure if he reads this post, he will want to skin and roast "The Duck" for dinner). Chicago is one of those places that I've learned not to appreciate, but rather tolerate, as the experience of driving through this metropolis is enough to lead even the most patient of men over the edge of sanity, causing him to become a lawyer, or worse, a politician. This happens to be one of those cities that you either love or hate... though I am of the opinion that "hate" is a rather strong and brutal word, so in my case I shall say that I aberrantly detest coming to Chicago. If it wasn't for the fact I have a good friend that lives here, I would just as soon avoid it here altogether. It could be worse... I could be in Detroit. But I won't completely discount Detroit - they DO have a good hockey team (you hear that C.J.? The Redwings rule - The Penguins DROOL!!).

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