17 April 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 106 (Just A Few More Days Until I'm Home)

I'm here in Jeffersonville, OH, just 12 miles from where I delivered yesterday, and where it appears I will be until tomorrow. But that is okay, as there are a few things I'm able to catch up on.

As I mentioned in Day 103, I will be taking a few days off for Passover, but during such time, this blog will not remain dormant. There will be some stellar bloggers taking the helm of TRS in my absence. Here is the lineup:

April 21 - Lauri Rottmayer of rottitude.com

April 22 - Lori Flood of shesawake.com

April 23 - Chrisinda Lukens of A Little Wicked

April 24 - Sarah Storer of thenakedredhead.com

If any changes occur in relation to the lineup, I will post said changes. All of these women have very excellent blogs of their own, and I am VERY honoured that they have agreed to take the reigns of TCV while I'm away.

Now it's time for coffee...

... and cheesecake!

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