19 April 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 108 (The Clock Is Ticking)

I made it here to Memphis, TN nearly an hour before my appointment time, checked in, then waited... but not for long. At a little after 1600 I was called in to a door, where I now sit, getting unloaded as we speak (or more accurately, as I type and you read). I've already spoke with my fleet manager and I was informed that once I get empty, I am to go home (YAY!).

I've been out for 5 1/2 weeks, and I am most ready to go home. I don't usually stay out this long, but I extended my time out a couple times: the first time I extended a week to meet up with an old acquaintance (in which I was going to be in the group to pick up a baby grand piano that was being given to us as a donation for our congregation - unfortunately that plan fell through), and this last extension was so that I could be home for this current reason - to celebrate Passover (which began yesterday). I won't be able to stay home for Passover in its entirety, but at least I'll be there for the bulk of it.

I will post one more blog tomorrow, but as I mentioned a couple days ago (or, more specifically, Day 6, just in case it has slipped your mind), TCV will be run by some guest bloggers. Once again, here's the lineup:

April 21 (Day 110) - Lauri Rottmayer of rottitude.com

April 22 (Day 111) - Lori Flood of shesawake.com

April 23 (Day 112) - Chrisinda Lukens of A Little Wicked

April 24 (Day 113) - Sarah Storer of thenakedredhead.com

These are fellow bloggers, who's blogs I follow, but are much more epic at it than I am. I hope you enjoy their posts (but I will pop in on their respective post to give them, what I hope to be, a stellar introduction.

Blessings to you all!

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