16 April 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 105 (Go Away Rain)

I didn't quite make it to Indianapolis before I shut down last night, but I came close (about 12 miles). I finished the trip to Washington Court House, OH, a small town just south of Columbus, and I did not get preplanned on a load yesterday, so I may have to wait until Monday for my next run. But it works out alright, today is the Sabbath, so I'll relax when I get done here. I plan on heading to the Flying J, about 11 miles away, and get into a good Torah study.

There may have been a bit of rain, with more on the way, but that will make for good sleeping weather, not to mention the therapeutic effect the sound of rain falling on the truck creates. The subtle "tap, tap, tap" sound heard overhead always creates such a soothing, calming ambiance which, of course, induces the sleep rhythms into a deep state very effortlessly (and depending on what I may have eaten just an hour before, can also invoke some weird dreams - I wonder what kind of dreams I can get from eating cheesecake).

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