18 April 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 107 (Making My Way Closer To Home)

I was dispatched on my load at almost noon, but fortunately, it picks up almost 40 miles away. Unfortunately, it delivers to Kroger in Memphis. I say "unfortunately" because, as any other truck driver who has been there will attest to, it is NOT a pleasant place to deliver to: they are slow, rude, and a couple of the front gate security guards suffer from a superiority complex (here's a hint for them - you are a rent-a-cop, not the REAL thing... get over yourselves!).

But the good thing is, I will be that much closer to home. Though I am hoping for one more short run before going home, so it will help out the paycheck a little, but if not, I know that The L-rd will provide where it's needed. The weather here in Lockbourne, OH (just south on U.S. 23, from Columbus) is actually very nice: not too hot, with a pleasant breeze. Spring has sprung back, but I wonder for how long since Winter has been trying to hold on a little bit longer.

This load is actually not a very long run, only about 575 miles to be delivered by 1600 tomorrow. But once I get to Kroger, that may be a different matter... but we shall see. Either way (whether I get one more short run, or head right home after I get empty) I will be home for most of Passover, if not all of it. Plus I'm also pretty excited that next month, my brother, Larry, and family, will be coming out for a visit from Vegas. I've been trying for quite some time to get a load going out there to visit, even for just a few hours, but have not had much luck in that quest. He will be coming out with his wife, son, and my stepmom (all of which my family will enjoy seeing as well).

When they come, I've already promised I would make my "famous" Matzo Ball Soup and Challah Bread. There will be good times to be had!

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TellingTales said...

Glad you will be home for a break at Easter.

Doug said...

Thanks, Julie, but I don't celebrate Easter (I have my reasons - I'll tell you about it... someday), but I will be home for Resurrection Sunday! Thank you just the same though! Blessings to you!! :-)