28 April 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 117 (Still Some Ground To Cover)

I didn't get very far last night, only to Perry, MI, about 20 miles north of Lansing. I got up and running this morning about 0815 with what I suppose can pass for a decent cup of coffee (at least it was better than the swill Pilot tries to peddle). I covered about 220 miles, and pulled off into this Travel Oasis and took a little break... and, of course, to refresh my coffee cup.

This weather is really on the fritz, yesterday it was in the 70's, with some wind and a little rain, then I wake up this morning inside a 44ยบ truck (I won't complain, though - remember, I like the cooler temps). Well, let me close this post out so I can get on the road and try to beat some of the afternoon Chicago traffic. Even though I'm south of Chicago, the traffic still gets crazy. Plus, the St. Louis traffic will have died down by the time I get there. I'll see all you cats & kittens later!

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