21 April 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 109 (Home Sweet Home)

Well, I made it home late last night, and had a few errands to accomplish today, but all is done. As of this writing I am marinating a boneless leg of lamb with lemon juice, fresh garlic, and a few sprigs of rosemary on top. Tomorrow I will sear it on the grill for a little bit, then finish it off in the oven with some fresh baby onions (and a couple more sprigs of rosemary) and fresh green beans. One of things my wife and I had to get was some Mogen David wine (and we got 3 kinds - Concord Grape, Blackberry, and Pomegranate) - and when you live in a dry county, that can be a daunting task, as we have to drive about 40 minutes to the next wet county in order to make said purchase. After all the errands, we had mid-week service to attend, followed by our rehearsal for Sunday's Resurrection Service, for which I will be slamming the drums.

Wine chillin', lamb marinating, and the next task (and final for the night) is making the fresh prepared horseradish... and I do that late at night, so the fumes do not affect us in what we need to accomplish. Tomorrow: Matzo Ball Soup, Apple Kugel, and Passover Cake. For those of you that celebrate Passover, may yours be a joyous and festive one, filled with much laughter and many blessings! I shall return to the regular routine of blogging come Monday, but I will pop in through the next few days to offer introductions for the wonderful women who will be filling in for me - tomorrow's guest will be Lauri Rottmayer of Rott-i-tude.com.


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