05 April 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 95 (What Was I Thinking?!)

After perusing the last couple weeks worth of posts, I'm thinking of (if you'll pardon the pun) shifting gears and taking a different route with this blog. There's even the option (though I'll still wait a few more months) of aborting this whole effort, due to the fact I know absolutely about promoting/marketing, which, as I've seen from other blog posts I've read, does play a key role in generating traffic, hence, a successful blog.

Perhaps I was being a bit delusional in thinking I could blog about being a truck driver, since, as has become apparent, many don't care about what a truck driver does (or endures) on a daily basis (if you want to know what many people think of truck drivers, just bring that topic up in conversation... chances are, most opinions will be negative). I'll admit, there are a lot of prime specimens of the low class lot that permeate this industry, but there are a few of the respectful professionals (myself being one) that get a bad rap because of the rest. I tried to carry this blog in a way to shed a little light that we're not all dirtbags.

I don't know what I expected from doing this blog... perhaps I was having delusions of grandeur. I really enjoyed writing when I was younger, at least I could find people to read it - and a select few I could count on to be honest... brutally honest. However, it's hard to gauge (amid all this technology) where you rate in your own writing abilities when your blog is posted online, then tweeted, only to have little to no feedback... other than the usual handful of friends & family that already read it.

So how can I shape this better?



A fond "farewell"?

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krickit9 said...

I think you should keep writing. I do enjoy your blog. What would happen if truckers stopped working?!
I remember many years ago when that happened. This country doesn't move.
I know y Dad you absolutely enopy your blog and have many stories to share.

terrinakamura said...

Dear Doug,

I don't think you need to have a reason for writing your blog other than the fact that it brings you a feeling of satisfaction.

My blog wasn't publicly viewable for the for 4 or 5 years. I wrote for my own edification. If you enjoy writing, as you obviously do, shouldn't the endeavor be its own reward?

As for shedding light on professional truck driving, you have certainly accomplished that in my book. I've learned some interesting things about the supply chain, especially as it pertains to your role in it, and have enjoyed the journey vicariously.

Whatever you decide, just know your friends support you no matter what!


Doug said...

Thank you, Terri! As usual, your words are encouraging & inspiring!

And Kricket... you do have a point - thank you!

Carla said...

Doug, I agree with Terri, continue to write if you enjoy it! You write well and though I'm not a novice in the trucking industry I like to see what and where other friends are going/doing and I do read your blog daily!

Doug said...

Thanks Carla! By the way, is your cat still spoiled & finicky? Knowing you, I submit "yes"! Also, have you restocked your supply of Glayva yet?