09 April 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 98 (Goodnight To Kentucky... Soon)

I didn't cover a lot of ground yesterday (only about 180), but that's alright, because I've until 2000 tomorrow night to make it to Bedford, PA. I'm presently in Glendale, KY (although Glendale, CA would be so much more fun to be in), and if all works out, I'll be able to get to Bedford around mid-afternoon and get together with a friend whom just happens to live in Claysburg - only 15 miles away.

For the most part, today's weather has been around the mid 80's, but it's now cooled down a little more. As i mentioned, I'm in Glendale, which is about 10 miles south of Elizabethtown, and THAT is about 30 miles south of Louisville... that should give you some idea of my general location. However, once I get to the south end of "E-town", I'll continue east, towards Lexington, then to West Virginia, etc., etc., etc. My current prediction is I will probably shut down in Jane Lew, WV (yes, that is the name of the town), giving me less than 300 miles left of this run.

The company I drive for (most specifically, the division I'm in) is really wanting the drivers to get their passports, since we now have a customer in Tulsa, OK with freight that goes into Canada. So, while I was at our terminal yesterday, I got the paperwork (application) for such, so the next time I get home, I'll have to get my birth certificate (and I actually have one, not to be confused with a "Certificate of Live Birth") for when I submit the application. Therefore, within the coming months, "The Road Scholar" series may take to the international stage... in a manner of speaking. Until that time comes I'll be preparing, by end all my sentences with "eh" (and I hope that @loripop326 doesn't get upset at me for that one), if you know what I'm talking "aboot" (nor for that one).

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