11 April 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 100 (I'm On My Way... But Not Home, Sweet Home)

I actually unloaded in Bedford, PA last night, and waited a few hours this morning until the CSR (Customer Service Representative, a.k.a. the cat whom finds our loads) got me my next load, which, as I mentioned yesterday, was a broker load. It picked up in Turtle Creek, PA, which is a suburb (one of many) of Pittsburgh. If I wasn't pushing to deliver this first thing in the morning, I would have tried to spend a few hours with one of my best friends (whom lives in Pittsburgh), unfortunately, I don't have such luxuries as much, since, as this company is transitioning all the trucks over to electronic logs, I'm working on a set schedule once I go "on the clock."

It may work out for my benefit, as I have just gotten a pre-planned load, that will pick up in Chicago tomorrow, which means that once I get unloaded in Columbia City, IN (just west of Ft. Wayne) in the morning, I'll have to jet the 137 miles, get loaded, then head to Olathe, KS (which is just south of Kansas City).

Who knows... I may just get a load back out of Olathe and head west, perhaps Salt Lake City, UT... but as soon as I find out, I will be sure to let you in - I promise. As for right now, I'm going to eat some Popeye's while listening to satellite radio (Dire Straits is currently talking about "Money For Nothing" on one of the classic rock stations).

"... I want my,
I want my,
I want my MTV..."

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terrinakamura said...

Dear Doug,

I'm so glad you're still writing. This was another great slice of your life. The one thing that was disappointing was not being able to spend time with your friend. :-(

Reading you could go to SLC made me wonder if you'll ever find yourself in Seattle some day? It would be great to meet you!

Drive carefully :-)

Hugs, Terri

Doug said...

Thank you, Terri! I do hope I find myself in Seattle someday, it would be great to finally meet you, as well... perhaps one day (soon, I hope).