30 April 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 119 (I Am Chicago Bound)

I got to the customer to load this morning about 1000, and, as I hoped, they were quite efficient, having gotten loaded and on the road before my appointment time of 1200. It's a load of fresh chicken, so I'm glad I got the trailer washed out yesterday (especially since THAT load was palletized topsoil).

I pulled off the road and got a little nap just east of Springfield, MO (and of course, to get this blog out to you), to which I will soon be under way again. My plan for tonight is to try to get about 150 miles into Illinois covered, so there won't be much ground to cover tomorrow, thus giving me more time to hang out with Chris (whom I blogged about in yesterday's post). Nice weather, light traffic... all the makings of a good day - a good Sabbath.

May you ALL be blessed today!

Shabbat Shalom (Hebrew for "peace on the Sabbath")!

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