15 April 2011

The Road Scholar - Day 104 (Back To Work, But Only For A Few Days)

Left out this morning after 1 1/2 days of visiting my sister. Before I made my way back down to Olathe, KS, I ran a quick errand to make a deposit in the bank. Just recently, my youngest son, Nathan (whom is 16), told us that his Drama teacher is planning a trip that the entire class will be taking next year, during spring break. My wife and I are now putting money aside for this trip now, so his share of the trip will be paid for before then. You see, - and I am so jealous of this - his class will be going to New York City, during which they will be visiting various sites (I believe Ground Zero will be one of them), as well as attending two plays on Broadway. I guess it's my fault, really... since I was bitten by the "theatre bug" when I was younger, perhaps that "sickness" was passed on to him.

After I made said deposit (and grabbed a Starbucks), I made my way to Olathe, hooked up to the trailer my load was put on, then made my way east. As I head to Washington Courthouse, OH, I've run into sporadic bouts of rain, though at present, it still just looks overcast, as if the thunderstorms know it should get busy, but is just too lazy to put out full effort (it is Friday, after all). I'm bound & determined to, at least, get to Indianapolis before I shut down for the night, but no telling what weather awaits me before then. Besides, I just finished eating my half of the leftover Reuben sandwich from yesterday's lunch at d'Bronx (I had 1/2 a sandwich left, as did Denise - and she insisted I take both, to which there wasn't much protest on my part, as I like Reuben sandwiches).

By the way, d'Bronx was a pretty nice eatery, good atmosphere, reasonable prices, and, yes, tasty food. Which reminds me...

Did you hear about the new restaurant on the moon?

Great food... no atmosphere.

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