12 August 2011

Day 223 (Still In Montana, Then To Wyoming)

Today's journey began from the truck stop we parked at last night, just on the east end of Missoula, MT, where I awoke to this stunning view outside my windshield:

Our travels yesterday took us from Ellensburg, WA to Lewiston, ID (where we loaded), then ending the day in Missoula. I haven't been up this way in yonks (a new word I picked up from a really cool mate I know via Twitter, ernmander, and it basically means, "a long time, ages"). The landscape is quite beautiful. as you can see from these following shots.

As you can see, there are some stunning areas. Areas I will probably photograph again come Winter, since they will look a bit different with snow.

Some of you may have noticed a weird looking code of some sort at the beginning os yesterday's post. That was there as part of a verification process in connection with Empire Avenue. Once I acquired a certain number of recommendations for my RSS Feed, I needed to include that code in a post in order to upgrade it to Blog status. For those that are unfamiliar with Empire Avenue (or EAv), don't feel so bad... I'm still a little unfamiliar with it myself, since I just started tinkering around with it within the last few days. The best I can gather, it takes your social media status and puts it in relation with a stock market setting (you buy shares in your followers - if they are on EAv - and they buy shares in you; watch your social "stocks" rise and/or fall; etc.). There is still quite a bit for me to learn about it, so if any of you who reads my daily verbal meanderings are on EAv... I would greatly appreciate any tips/advice you can give.

I'll probably come back to the northwest area in a few weeks, though it's not soon enough (remember, I do not like humidity, I do not like it - woe is me). I spoke with a friend earlier on the phone, where I expressed my reluctancy to head back into Oklahoma, Arkansas, etc. She asked, "who would want to live in an area where it's basically Spring all year... uh, me!" I would absolutely agree with her... I could see myself living in the Seattle area: coffee, culture, and cool weather.

Yeah, it's nice to dream!

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