11 August 2011

Day 222 (On The Way To Tulsa)


Clint and I left from Ellensburg, WA this morning with cool weather to drive in. We arrived there last night, topped off the fuel, and I decided it would be best to call it a day there, mainly because the routing we were taking (more than likely) would not have many places to park a truck. I'm glad we did shut down there, as there was a Starbucks just walking distance from the truck stop, so I could get my coffee fix before we left. Along the way this morning I found some very panoramic views, such as this in Vantage, WA:

The back roads we took were very nice, though I think the town of Starbuck (in Washington) was mis-named, as there was no Starbucks anywhere in town. We arrived in Lewiston, ID right at 1300 (Pacific time), and the customer was very expeditious in the loading process. I was hoping I would have had time to make a stop in Clarkston, WA, to visit my niece and sister-in-law, but the time, unfortunately, didn't permit. When I spoke to my niece, we discussed (the next time I'm in the area) how we can get together and, as she put it, have a couple cup of coffee at Starbucks (Erica, you speak my language!). Now that I have a passport, and will be taking loads up to British Columbia, hopefully I'll have the chance to make that stop in the near future.

This load delivers in Tulsa on Monday, and an option that my fleet manager is looking at is to put Clint on another driver's truck (to get him transported to our North Little Rock terminal so he can test out and get his own truck), then have me shuttle a load toward the northwest, swap with another driver, and have me back in Arkansas in time for me to go home... but right now, it's just a possible option. When I find out on Monday what will come next, I'll be sure to let you know.

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