18 August 2011

Day 229 (What To Do Next?)

I made it back to Tulsa, Getting into the customer's facility at around 0230 this morning. When I checked in, I found out they didn't have the delivery scheduled until 0630 tomorrow morning. It was all sorted out, though, as they did get me unloaded today. The weather (as is normal for Tulsa this time of year) is hot. Tina (in the shipping/receiving office) asked if I would take our trailer out of the door once it was loaded (it's bound for Houston), and put the trailer I brought in and drop it in then door that the previous trailer just vacated. For a while the shipping/receiving office thought I was going to be the driver taking their load to Houston. I couldn't tell them "yay" nor "nay", as I didn't know what my company had planned for me next (as of this writing, I still don't). They haven't assigned me on a load yet, due to them trying to find a load for me that will get me home this weekend... which I am absolutely looking forward to.

In the meantime I think I will take a nap, and probably snack on some tortilla chips and some pico de gallo (since I've finished the rest of my chipotle seasoned chicken strips). perhaps even enjoy a few of my miniature Toblerone candies. I've had some coffee earlier, so I'm good on that aspect. I mentioned taking a nap a moment ago, now I think I feel it coming on (or, as would be the reference by the great feline philosopher, Garfield, "nap attack").

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