13 August 2011

Day 224 (Still Working Our Way To Tulsa)

Last night we shut down at the Flying J truck stop in Casper, WY, giving Clint a day of 619 miles. The Flying J is the only truck stop in Casper, but it is located in a good part of the city... having many places within walking distance: Arby's, Burger King, On The Border, Safeway, and, of course, Starbucks (in fact, there were 2 locations within walking distance). There is a reason that Wyoming is called "Big Sky Country" - there's not a lot of populated areas, just open plains... and sky.

We made a stop in the Denver, Co area, mainly to get a truck wash. Now the truck is looking much better. We will probably end our day in Colby, KS, which will leave us less than 500 miles to finish off tomorrow.

This Sabbath, as with the previous ones, has been pleasant and peaceful. This week's portion continued in Deuteronomy. Within the next several weeks, Deuteronomy will be concluded, then the cycle will begin anew. Hopefully, I can get the finances to get an open order established to have the volumes of the Mishnah mailed to us (since that has been the latest request by my lovely wife, Tikvah... though I would like to begin getting the Talmud sent to us - but she is "The Queen"). I hope this day finds all of you, my wonderful readers (all 5), in good health, and joyous spirits. May you all be blessed!

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