26 August 2011

Day 237 (On My Way To The Northwest Again)

Last night I pulled into Tyson's gate with 2 minutes left to drive on my logbook, so Chuck and I shut down on their yard. We left this morning and headed to Tulsa, where we got a shower, then went to get our load going to Woodinville, WA, then finishing off in Burnaby, BC. I'm hoping we can cover the ground and be able to get a re-start on our logbooks (as Clint and I did a few weeks ago). Speaking of Clint, I called the training center to see how he did on his final evaluation, only to find out he never showed up Monday morning. This is news that saddens me because I thought he would make a great driver, and a valuable asset for this company.

As I write this (and I apologize that it is late being posted), Chuck is driving along the Cimarron Turnpike (I-412 west of Tulsa). We probably won't make it to Colby, KS before we run out of hours, so we'll have to try and make up for lost time over the next few days. I'm also hoping I can get together with the great Terri Nakamura... only this time I'm going to try to find a place closer to her to meet up (someplace that will not give me any beef for parking a truck there). She was so gracious for meeting me last time up in Woodinville, so it's only the least I can do to meet her in her territory this time. My wife, Tikvah, have been dreaming of moving someplace else, some places we would like to live would be Pittsburgh, Las Vegas, Seattle, and northern California. At least it's nice to dream.

Tomorrow is the Sabbath, so I hope you, my readers (all 15 of you), have a blessed day - whether you observe the Sabbath or not. Be sure to drink plenty of coffee!

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