02 August 2011

Day 213 (What Do You Expect From Tyson?)

We arrived here in Broken Bow, OK at around 2330 last night, and (as is par for Tyson) didn't begin loading until 0300, finishing at 0445. This load was scheduled to deliver at 0800 this morning in Clarksville, AR. This obviously didn't happen, since our 10 hour break isn't over until 1445.

Once we do start rolling, I'll drive us to Clarksville (though I've already informed dispatch that I have less than 9 hours left on my 70 hour clock). The weather has already kicked into high gear, but, hopefully, this means we could be in for a cold Winter - which is what I hope for. My wife calls me a lizard because I prefer dry heat, but in Winter... well, let's just say, that's my favorite season. Driving in snow doesn't bother me. Ice is a bit trickier. In either condition, the stress comes in when idiots drive the same as they do on dry roads... Hello, McFly - that's how accidents happen! Like last year when there was the "Snowpacolypse" that hit Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, etc., a moron (and a "fellow" truck driver) didn't think I was going fast enough for him. He barreled past me on the ice covered roads in Missouri, probably doing about 60-65 (which is not a good idea). About 15, maybe 20, miles later, guess who was in the ditch - that same moron.

Need I say more?

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