10 August 2011

Day 221 (Goodbye, Northwest... I'll Come Back Again)

This morning I gave Clint a break and I drove up to Blaine, WA, where I dropped him off at a truck stop before I went across the border into Canada (he couldn't go because he doesn't have a passport). I arrived at the final stop in Burney, BC, unloaded, then came back out. We are presently on our way to Lewiston, ID to load tomorrow afternoon, which will have us heading back to Tulsa, then, hopefully, something that will bring us through the North Little Rock, AR terminal so Clint can get assigned his own truck.

It's been quite pleasant driving up this way, especially since I was afforded the opportunity to get a few pictures taken. I've always liked this region because it offers a view that make me wish all the more for a Canon Rebel DSLR (to which I am still accepting donations for), due to the fact that the iPhone camera just doesn't the adequate justice the scenery deserves.

Of course I can try to spice the pictures up a little by using different photography apps (such as the Hipstamatic, which I put to use for the above photo, or Camera Genius from Codegoo for these next 3).

There are two things I most enjoy about driving a truck: meeting people I wouldn't ordinarily meet with a regular job (such as Terri Nakamura, from yesterday's post, for example), and being able to view the beautiful scenery, as created by G-d. Yet there is still much more yet to be discovered. Hopefully, one day, I'll be able to get a DSLR. Though I may not be a professional photographer, I like to think I have a pretty good eye for pictures... plus I have a Banana Republic photojournalist vest, so at least I can look like I'm professional (now I just need the camera to complete the set).

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Tony Hammack said...

Great pictures Doug.