20 August 2011

Day 231 (I Feel Like Nikki Sixx - Home, Sweet Home)

Here it is, the end of another wonderful Sabbath. What makes this a very special Sabbath is that I am now at home. It's been a long 4 weeks, so coming home is always a welcomed treat. Chuck (my new student) is in the motel here in town, as he lives a couple hundred miles away (in Kentucky, to be exact). At first I could only get him a room for tomorrow and Monday, because this week there are college students coming in for registration plus there is a race this weekend. He would have had to stay in the truck for tonight. Fortunately, I called the motel this morning, and, as it turned out, there were a few cancellations, so I was able to get him a room tonight after all.

It has been nice to come home. I'll be here until Tuesday, and where I go then, at the moment, is still unknown. I'll call my fleet manager on Monday... or rather, my acting fleet manager, since my regular fleet manager (Monica) is away for another week, doing her annual training in the Navy Reserves. Hopefully VERY soon, I'll get another load from Tulsa, OK up to the northwest (Woodinville, WA & Burnaby, BC), since this weather is horribly sweltering.

Now it's time for some coffee.

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