23 August 2011

Day 234 (Back To Work Again)

I left out this morning, and due to some mis-communication, much later than I should have. My original load was to pick up in Jonesboro, AR and go to Wilmington, IL, but instead Chuck (my newest student) and I picked up in Russellville, AR and headed to Shelbyville, TN. This latter load was supposed to have picked up by 0400, but like I said... there was some mis-communication. The delivery is set for 1430 tomorrow, so we have some time. At least this way I can have some extra time (for this first day, at least) to help Chuck get accustomed to driving these type of trucks, and get used to using an automatic.

I'm already missing home, and (of course) missing my Tikvah. Though I did make her very happy this weekend... I hung up her blinds & curtains in the living room. I now have my new (to me) crock pot - one with a locking lid. No longer will I have to deal with broth spilling onto the outside and making it kind of greasy and an onerous task to clean up. The weather today has been hot, and I'm really longing to head back up to the northwest (which I hope will happen soon). Until then, I'll just grin & bear it.

... and drink more coffee (from Starbucks, of course, though I may have a couple of the Pacific Northwest Iced Coffees from Denny's periodically).

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